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District Forms

Available are the following forms and information:

Funding Guidelines

Our funding guidelines gives a broad listing of events, projects and organizations that can apply and receive funding.  Requesting funding does not guarantee that funds will be awarded and the Board reserves the right for legal opinion on the funding request for eligibility.

Funding Request

To receive consideration for funding a request must be made.  The more information that you can supply makes the process easier.  The Board requires a minimum of 90 days between the request and the event for consideration.  The Board does award funding on a sliding scale depending on participation and has minimum requirements for funding.

Post Event

The Board requires a post event form after the event is held, or documentation where funds were spend in the case of projects or organizations.  The Board also requires a participant zip code recap to track travel distance for participants.  Failure to complete a post event form will result in no further funding.

Lodging Tax

Use this form to report taxable County Lodging Tax to the County Treasurer.

Advertising Guidelines

Information on funding for advertising.

If you have any questions please contact the District on our contact page.